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Racist term for what Koreans and Japanese call Chinese.
Japanese racist: "Chukogujin kitanai ne."

Anti-racist: Calling Chinese a dirty asian is plain racist man.
by someofficer July 23, 2009
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a dirty Asian is wen u jab a girl (fuk) with an egg roll, soak up vaginal juices..and make her eater after!!
white girlz love dirty Asians!!
by +E-Man January 02, 2008
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Along the same principle as a Dirty Sanchez, but eliminates the need the use of a finger, thereby making it efficient to smother the stench of one's orifice (your anus specifically) onto a person's face.
your friend has past out from a night of lascivious drinking. Instead of taking your finger and applying a quick rub of your butt crack - A Dirty Asian is when you simply drop your drawers (preferably after taking a good bowel movement) and just sit on your friend's face. For maximum application and adhesion, it is best to insert your ass crack as much as possible into your friend's nostrils for a good 10-15 seconds.
by redneck asian July 10, 2010
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