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A trash country girl who thinks it's cool and funny to bum dips off guys at a bar... Also a non dipper that bums a lipper from anyone no matter the flavor
My best friend is such a dipslut he never has his own can and uses me and my fellow dippers strictly to bum fat lippers
by Dip maniac January 23, 2014
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One who doesn't just double dip, or scoop dip, but deep scoop dips. They may scoop dip AND double dip/double scoop dip. They hoard the dip and leave hardly anything for anybody else. You look at them and you know they will taste only dip with a tiny hint of chip. They are unlikely to respond to protests against their unlawful bogarting of dip. You will never have enough chip dip for a dip slut. You will never be able to keep your dip safe from a dip slut. If you have a party, beware the dip slut. One could wonder whether the dip slut perhaps lives off of dip, explaining their insatiable apatite for dip.

A dip slut does not understand that in the laws of sharing dip, there is a line that should not be crossed. They cross it with reckless abandon and have the audacity to ask you for more dip.
Example 1:
My brother is a fucking dip slut. He doesn't just double dip, he scoop dips, leaving nothing for anybody else. He thinks he owns the dip. He hoards the dip. He thinks he's king of the dip.

Example 2:

Your brother just ate all the dip within one minute of it having been opened, leaving you not enough dip for yourself. You may glare at him and announce, "You filthy dip slut."
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A girl that acts like she dips in photos but has the same can of Copenhagen for 6 weeks
She is a dip slut
by Ladydipper_16 September 11, 2016
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