A dip snap (also known as 'packing') is a gesture/hand motion achieved by loosely swinging one's hand quickly with the forefinger stuck out and the thumb and middle finger touching, causing the forefinger to strike the thumb or middle finger, resulting in a sound similar to the slap caused by a regular snap. It was originally devised as a way to pack the snuff, or dip, in its tin, done by simply doing the above with the tin held firmly in between the thumb and middle finger. It is often used by "dippers" as a sort of secret calling card, to announce to other "dippers" who know what he is doing that he is a fellow "dipper".
Tell Ricky to dip snap that can so we can get a pinch!
by noobpie December 16, 2006
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Hand/finger gesture achieved by loosely swinging one's index finger on the middle finger (see noobpie's description).
Technical information obtained from a test with a high speed camera done on university campus:

Speed at impact: 12 kmh (or 7.5 mph)
Acceleration: 40m/s (130 feet per sec)
Force of impact: 1.2 Newton
Rate (at highest): 70 ms (0.07sec) per hit, 15 strikes per second
Sound pressure (at highest): 52 dB

Medical information:
Procedure will cause pain or warm feeling in top index finger or middle finger. Side-effects will disappear after regular gesturing. May cause finger deformation on long run or pain during stress on top of index finger. Not advised for kids.
- Omg I can dip snap about 20 times per second!
- U sure your finger doesnt hurt at the end of the day?
by Zwaf October 11, 2008
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Used to describe a very small and Ugly Penis
girl 1:"I saw mike naked...he's been skinny dipping with snapping turtles."

girl 2: "That small huh?"

girl 1: "yeah...I had a hard time not laughing."
by grizzlyjack July 1, 2010
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