This is a typical Italian expression of disappointment.In Veneto we have the most beautiful expression on disappointment:dio can,boia dio,quea puttana de na madonna impestada de sborato fin sora i cavèi,dio ladro,kel can de dio,dio mostro,kel cancaro del signor...and so on...
Quando si urta con le dita dei piedi sulla gamba di un tavolino:"Ahi dio can!!!"
"Mama dio can,xe pronto o no?!"
"Dio can ke goal ke me so magnà"
"Jaio dio can...refite!"
Dio can ke cagàda ke me scampa"
And more...and more...and more...DIO CAN!!!
by Nicola P. November 20, 2004
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god gog, italian slang meaning anger, disappontment or even surprise.
Dio cane questa birra è calda come il piscio!
Unfortunately this beer is not so cold as I wish.

Ma cantate dio cane!
Please everybody sing.

Dio cane che numero!
Wow, that's great!
by gatto September 12, 2004
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Italian blasphemous expression towards the Christian god meaning literally "God is a dog".

In English holy shit or holy fuck.

However it is generally used as a way of expressing (1)disappointment, (2)anger and (3)surprise; even some Christians use it, obviously they don't mean to offend their god.
1. Dio cane ho preso un 4 nella verifica...
"Dio cane" I've got a bad mark in my test paper...

2. Dio cane ma vai via dalle palle ?!
"Dio cane" will you leave me alone ?!

3. Dio cane ma hai visto che esplosione ?!
"Dio cane" did you see that explosion ?!
by rapzeh January 31, 2009
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"god dog" can be an assense exclamation.
"Dio cane" può essere un'esclamazione di assenso.
That girl is very nice!!
God dog!! (u r right!!)

Quella ragazza è molto gnocca!!
Dio cane!! (hai ragione!!)
by Pero Il Magnifico September 02, 2004
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Traditional way to swear against god, quite common in the north-northeast of Italy.
Literally it means "god is a dog", or "dog god".
It's said that this ancient expression was discovered hundreds years ago in the big venetian province of Bojon, the day that someone pronounced the words: "Veo juro, el xe un càn, eo gò sentìo sbajare"! (I swear, he is a dog! I heard him barking!)
Ma ghea moìto, dio cane?
(would you please be so kind to stop to tease me?)

Ecco, DIO CANE, varda! desso teo ghè roto!
(You should have read the user manual, now you've broken it)

Ma no, dio cane, NO DIO CAN, ste robe no ah!
(It's nice, but I would have done it in another way)

Ciò, dio cane! Vara dove che te meti i piè!
(Mind the gap)

Vorìsito dire che so drio contàrte na baea, dio cane?
(I swear it's true!)

Porco dio cane, verxi sto casso de cesso che so drio cagàrme dosso!
(I need to wash my hands)
by trixtan January 27, 2010
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