dio can (or dio cane, in italian) is a typical expression from the north-easth of Italy. It may be translated as "god dog", but it variates enormously in relation with the context of the conversation.
It may actually be suitable for more or less any occasion.
Many old people use it as a comma during everyday speech, as youngsters are honored in passing along the tradition.
ma dio can!
"what happened!/what a disaster!" -also:"that's crap!"-or:"great, wonderful!"
(as you might notice, meanings vary enormously)

pasime el dio can, valà
"bring that stuff here, please"

te sì proprio un dio can
"you goofy..!"

dio can che stecca/lima/viola
"what an hilarious situation/i'm freaking stoned/i'm utterly drunk."
by tòmarecheroiaomo January 22, 2014
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