When a group of acquaintances engage in meaningless small talk to simulate social lives.
The Hendersons are having a dinner party tomorrow, so remember to put on a big smile and drink plenty of cocktails to get your mind off how bored to death you really are.
by NoSpinZone December 19, 2018
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When three or more people, usually but not necessarily a mixed group, lie in a circle on the floor or in bed, and each eats out/sucks off the person on one side of him/her, while getting eaten out/sucked off by the person on the other side of him/her.
Josh and Karen invited Kiersten and me over for a small dinner party Saturday night. Great time.
by brownwings April 7, 2011
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term or 'code word' used to ask someone if they want to smoke out later when others may be listening in.
Bob: "Dude 'dinner party' tonight at my place?"

Tom: "Yea damn right!"
by Kurt Edwards September 23, 2006
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1. Harmony Dinner Party is a popular community gathering hosted by the Harmony Young Adults in Christchurch where He/She gets to eat a delicious meal together with their church family.

2. A gathering with cute and cuddly people.
This Tofu from the Harmony Dinner Party slaps
I fell in love with a girl in the Harmony Dinner Party
Are you going to the Harmony Dinner Party?
by Harmony Young Adults December 3, 2021
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Dinner Party Syndrome (DPS) is a common syndrome that affects those invited to a boring dinner party by people they hate. The symptoms can take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours to take effect, depending on the strength and intensity of the dinner party.
Symptoms often include: debilitating boredom; smiling (usually at the host or hostess) against one's will or when unhappy; anxiety; loss of interest in life, food, and socializing; rage; and social anxiety.
DPS can be cured or prevented with the end of the dinner party, a good book, enjoyable music, or speaking with someone that isn't mind-numbingly boring.
Jack: Jill texted me the other day while she was at a dinner party.
Jim: Why?
Jack: She said it was boring and she didn't want to suffer from Dinner Party Syndrome.

Mother: Why don't you want to go to the dinner party tonight?
Daughter: Because only your friends will be there and I hate them. If I go, I'll have an intense case of Dinner Party Syndrome.
by Eskpi July 19, 2010
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1. Literally, a situation that may cause discomfort to both the bonee, and other parties involved, in a formal setting (i.e. a dinner party).
2. Used as an expression, it signifies something or someone unwanted or out of place, something in an unsuitable setting.
1. Nobody appreciated when Alan got a boner at Alice's dinner party.
2. When Doug arrived at his niece's 3rd birthday party wearing assless chaps, all the guests agreed he was a boner at a dinner party.
by Apple Fraz February 24, 2011
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when something is so funny on a web based chat that it requires a "lol lol lol lol "
That was dinner party funny!!!!!
by Kid Kanada April 1, 2009
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