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The universal word for all situations in life. It can be used to express happiness, or being aggressive. It can be used as a verb, noun, adjective, etc. However, mostly related to banging someone or something. People that use this term are usually sex gods, supreme douchebags, or hermaphrodites with a sense of humor. If you use this word, fuck yeah you know you're one crazy motherfucker.
"Hey man, how did it go last night with that hot chick?"
"Bro, I was ding-singing. I ding-singed her so hard we put a hole through the wall."

"Hey son, how was your testicle examination?"
"Ding-sing dad"
"Wow! That's great son! Im very ding-sing'd for you"

"Im gonna ding-sing the living shit out of you."
by hinglingmaster August 02, 2014
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