When you leave a restaurant without paying; The most asshole thing you can do to a waiter/waitress
Waitress/Waiter: "Excuse me manager Bob, I just had a dine and dash on table 16. I walked away for a second to refill their drink and when I came back they were gone."

Manager Bob: "Well Suzie, I'm going to have to fire you, unless you can pay for their tab."

Waitress/Waiter: "Well fuck, that sucks."
by Niso December 4, 2007
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Eating at a restaurant and bailing on the bill. Typically done when young, drunk, stupid, broke or any combination there off.
Last night, we pulled the full on dine and dash at Denny's.
by iamdicky December 5, 2007
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The action to go in a restaurant,sit at a table, order whatever you want, eat and then leave quick without payin.
Johnnay:"Yesterday I went to this fancy ass restaurant, ordered a 200$ meal with the best wine out there and when the waitress turned around I left in a second! hahahahaha!"
Bobby:"HAHAHA, I see you busted a dine and dash again!"
Johnnay:"THATS RIGHT!"
by Johnnay April 25, 2003
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The art of sneaking out of a restaurant without paying, even though you have plenty of cash to cover. Usually done after bar close with a feeling of invincibility, followed with feelings of guilt the next morning.

May include anxiety over the possibility of being arrested over a Denny's Grand Slam Breakfast.

Real faint of heart will call back the restaurant with some lame excuse and proceed to drive back to the establishment with a 10 dollar bill clutched in their fist.
Denny's: Good Morning, Denny's!
Joey: Uh, hi. I was at your establishment last night and I got a call from a friend who was sick. He needed a ride to the hospital and wouldn't you know it, I forgot to pay!
Denny's: You don't say!
Joey: Yup, I will be there in 20 minutes with the $6.80. Good Bye.
Denny's: (After hanging up & speaking to manager) Last night's dine and dash will be in to pay in 20 minutes!
by Earl Woodrow June 11, 2007
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Something only total jerks, that don't realize that your server who in most states only make about $3-4 an hour plus tips minus tip-share (so leave 20% bitches) and usually has to pay out of their own pocket for walkouts/ D n D's, would do because they are too lame to pay for their own food. These are sometimes a single person out of a group of cheap bastards that order water and ask how much everything on the menu is if the price isn't listed. These types should stick to Taco bell, or the dollar menu somewhere. If you cant afford to tip eat fast food.

Also known as Walkout or D N D.
Server 1: Damn I am only walkin with $50 tonight because of those little punks that dine and dashed on their $40 tab and I had to pay for it!

Server 2: Man that sucks! I made $100!

Server 1: Its cool though I know where one of them works. I'll catch up with him there and get my money or take it out on his face!
by J u s t i n December 5, 2007
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When you leave a restaurant without paying for the food you ordered. As a waiter, it's important to check up with your customers often so they are less likely to leave without paying. Sometimes the cost is deducted from the paycheck of the server.
Waiter Godammit, Table 3 pulled a fucking dine and dash. There goes 5 hours of pay.
by dankmemesNYC January 22, 2016
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Similar to a coyote ugly, the dine and dash is with lesbians and for other reasons. Usually to avoid them asking you to move in.
by killertater April 10, 2014
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