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pronounced de-dough-men-eh-ko

An exceptionally beautiful person who doesn't even have to try
boy: "gurl you lookin' finee"
girl: "thanks, it just happens naturally"
boy: "you must be a didomenico"
by deeds times two August 07, 2010
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A name Instagram will always ask to translate, the person with said name thinks they're cool by taking photos with their white-privileged camera and posting nothing but those photos on social media hoping for more likes since their tweets aren't funny enough (basically it's their plan b), low key thinks they're Donna from that 70s show.
Them: Do you like my new Bell bottom jeans? I got them online after I posted 4 cool pictures from my high-Def camera
Me: You're being such a DiDomenico bro.
by Itskreasbishlol December 27, 2016
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