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a theatre person who just doesn't get it
they may be too annoying, LOVE Disney, are obsessed with Wicked, Phantom, and/or Les Mis, not that smart, make you uncomfortable when they talk, try to be funny...but they're not, and genuinely TOO happy
Didles sing the solos backstage during the show because they weren't talented enough to get the lead with the solo.
"Omg! I just saw Wicked for the fourth time this weekend!!! It's my favorite Musical ever!!! I love Idina Menzel! She sounds SO good in Frozen!...The snow glows white on the mountain tonight...." - A didle

"I think I'm going to be a theatre teacher OR on Broadway...I haven't decided yet" - A didle

"* takes a 'Which Disney Princess are YOU?' Buzzfeed quiz to see their type* OMG I'm SUCH an Aurora!" - A didle

*Auditions for Rent: Student Edition with 'On My Own'" - A didle

....*auditions for 'Rent: Student Edition' in general* - A didle
by TheatreGuy696969 October 02, 2016
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A widdle widdle penis that is constantly pulled and tugged.
OMG that old lady has a didle!!!!!!!!
by Masterpenis February 11, 2008
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