a picture of a dick that a guy sends you (usually its his dick)
dick + pic = dicpic
heyy look at this dicpic i just got on facebook!
by sluttyhoe January 2, 2009
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A picture sent online, usually requested by the recipient, of the sender's penis. Usually sent for the viewer or sender's arousal, pleasure, curiosity, or boredom.
Derived from the combination of the commonly used terms "dick" and "picture", shortened to the cute abbreviation "dicpic"
Often further abbreviated as DP
Examples of Situations where a dicpic is exchanged:
Situation 1: Im sooo hornyy babee! PLEASE send me a dicpic!!

Situation 2: I love penises! Feel free to send me dicpics!

Situation 3: I wonder what that guy's dick looks like! I'll ask him to send me a dicpic!

Situation 4: I'm really bored. I think I'll send that girl a dicpic!

Yo I just got a really hott DP!

by DOMMExL0VER January 9, 2009
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An artistic and photographic expression of the human anatomy meant to convey as sense of warmth and welcoming
His penis looked magnificent as he woke, on account of the pale morning light reflecting off the flimsy, tangled blinds, so he took a dicpic to send to all of his friends.
by for_rebeca July 22, 2018
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dicpic; the unsolicited sending of ones penis via texting/video chatting, FaceTime or other live media feed. Meant to shock, startle or upset the recipients.
"Carl sends dicpics to girls all day and is getting a reputation of a creepy guy. "
by Redsfv818 June 20, 2017
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When you send a girl or boy or transe a pic of your dick or your ballsack, and they quess what it is.
Boy « *sends dicpic
Girl «that it definatly a dick»
Boy «correct»
by A.R’s boyfriend January 12, 2020
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"Dicpic sending is a social phenomena that induces a man's psychology controlling his will of restraint in the view towards his goals of oblivion.. This behavior still has no explanations to science. A study in Harvard University hypothesized it could be an evolutionary trait expressing itself from a dormant gene that was used millions of years ago.
That one guy I have been talking to for a week sent me a "dicpic".. Along with 12 other guys who somehow got my number...
by Truth Giver 77 October 9, 2020
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