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When someone goes to a place with pickpocketing, cuts a hole in their pocket, and sticks their dick through the hole so that any pickpocket will end up touching their dick.
I knew I was going to get pickpocketed in Mexico, so a little bit of dickpocketing on my part was just the natural response.
by coronius_blaikern May 30, 2018
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When someone in the middle of sex has to answer the phone or have conversation with someone without letting them realize they are in the middle of fucking.
"Hey, you sounded weird on the phone last night are you O.K.?"
"Oh yeah sorry, I was kinda fucking with Kevin."
"Oh my god where you {Dickpocketing} me? That's gross. You could have just told me you we're fucking i would've hung up."
by ameicanidiot November 07, 2016
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