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The meal that comes between Dinner and Breakfast. Brunch is the meal between Breakfast and Lunch. Since Breakfast comes first, it is used as the first part of the word and since lunch comes second, it is used as the second part of the word.
We closed down Anna's Caddyshack so we got cheesesticks for dickfast.
by Collin Danielle Ailisa Ian April 15, 2007
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When you make a promise to God that you won't do anything impure with a man's genitalia. For one year.

Also known as 'dick fasting.'
Tym: "Justin, when is your dick fast up?"

Justin: "It's more like Ramadan for dick. I'm 7 months in and I've got 5 more to go."
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by Bradleydvicious November 27, 2016
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