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1- a person, usually a male, who is behaving like a childish jerk.

from the word dick dick+ cable channel geared for immature audiences.
He was a real dickelodeon last night when he freaked out because he couldn't find his shorts.
by votrk July 01, 2011
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A rare type of penis with magical abilities that can grant flight power to its owner during sex.
Girl: How big was his dick?
Other girl: Small as shit, but it was a dickelodeon so we flew through the sky singing "Whole New World" while we had intercourse.
Girl: ...Worth it.
by Mei-main June 01, 2018
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A Term for calling Nickelodeon when they get rid of your favorite cartoon classics.
They're such a dickelodeon when they do that!
by lolmaster444 June 02, 2018
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