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(verb)DIK-dar: A swift, straight legged, pointed-toed kick to the penis. Originated in a trailer park in sterling heights, MI, from a man known as Cheif,AKA Shevyky, cheifkadog, tonk, etc.

(excam.)DIK-dar: used to show extreme exictement,

(noun)an offensive word to call your friend when youre mad
"If you dont shut up your gonna get dickdared" (v)
"Why are you bieng such a dickdar today" (n)
by Theo-droskis B April 12, 2008
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The ability to guess a man's penis size after spending a few minutes with him.

Basically like a gaydar but with penis size.
Janet: Ooh he's packing heat, I just know it!
Emily: How can you tell that?
Janet: My dickdar. He totally has the personality of someone who is at least 7.5 inches.
by TQ. November 17, 2009
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the organ that many men use to find "hot" chicks and spit game w/ the hopes of gettin some pussy. Many times the dickdar replaces usage of the brain.
This ass muncher whipped out his dickdar and started thinkin w/ that when he asked me to be his next wife.
by k80corn April 11, 2011
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