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dickboy (Noun, Verb)

1. (N.) one who is being gay, being a dick, acting like a faggot, or just being annoying; anyone like Eric McEwen

2. (V.) to walk talk or act like a dickboy
1) Yo the other day when we was blazin' in my crib, da boul eric was bein a dickboy. Nahhhh mean?

2) Yo nigga, quit dickboyin' me cuz i aint finna fake fo' dese peckawoods. okay?
by Numba One Stunna March 25, 2008
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One who's dick was bitten by a tick during their youth and is now inflicted with giant dick syndrome.
My boyfriend is suck a dick boy. No wonder all the girls eye fuck him.
by Robert Do-me Jr. April 15, 2009
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the dick boys are undercover police officers in unmarked cars, characterized by extra antennas and side mirrors.
aww shit the dick boys just passed us
by proof7414 August 14, 2009
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1. N. a person (usually a friend) that is acting in an idiotic and/or slightly homosexual manner.
Commonly applied to wrestlers after taking part in a semihomosexual act of bromance.
A straight male that just happens to talk about male genitalia a little too often.
Much like a douchebag but in a more friendly manner.

2. This term can apply to multiple people; dickboys.

3. N. Dickboyishness - describing a quality of a dickboy.

4. Can be used as a pronoun in place of a name if friend's dickboyishness has previously been established.
1. Andy came out of the shower naked, wearing eyeliner, with his balls tucked between his legs. What a dickboy?!

2. Those dickboys didn't even clean up their mess after they shaved their scrotums in my shower.

3. Chad proved his dickboyishness by filling my room with balloons and waiting in my bed naked.

4. Hey dickboy, get me a beer from the fridge.
by a dickboy February 20, 2011
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