Someone who is being a 'dick' (as being annoying) and an 'anus' (retard)
That fucking dickanus is pissing me off.
I've never seen such a bigger dickanus in my life!
by Roxton September 13, 2006
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A name for a person who causes strife in your world. Can be found in trafic, restaurants, or even your neighbor hood.
That dick anus cut me off in traffic. I hope he gets murdered in front of his children.
by Dick A. Nuss March 12, 2004
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dick-anus is somneone who likes dicks, in anuses, And puts theres in one all the time, and is generally retarded or gay.

double the wordage, double the insult!
Kile is a dick-anus, and never gets any poontang.
by Captain Awesome February 25, 2005
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addicted.to.chaos aka bert. the act of being a closet english fag who is bipolar and/or with down syndrome
jesus christ Bert u fukn dickanus. Stop crying about the pony u never got when u turned 13. grow some balls u dickanus
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