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One who is constantly seeking/looking to sit on a fat phallus.

Can be contstrewed as the bitch face who will give anything, even his/her left eye to sit on and/or around dicks.

The silly mo-fo that no one wants to interact with at a party.
My ex-girlfriend is a smelly dick fucker.

"That leslie sure is a dick sitter-onner. I guess we could consider her a big dick fucker."

That fucking prick ass bitch is being a motherfucking dick fucker again.

by Nutsakula July 15, 2006
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A word that Alex Gaskarth (lead singer of All Time Low) uses to refer to Matt Squire. Whereas Alex says that his brain is only capable of taking two words out of nowhere and stringing them together in order to curse.
Matt: Go sing!
Alex: Hang on, Dick Fucker!
Matt: Dick Fucker? You don't know how to curse.
Alex: I don't. All my mind if capable of is taking two words out of nowhere.. HEY YOU SHIT BASTARD.
by jennalikesthrust May 22, 2009
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Someone who acts like a dick and fucks with everything.
Tom: man Nick snitched on me, fucked my bitch, stole my wallet, tried to rob me, and stole my baseball.
Fred: oh well thats just a kick in the dick, Nick is a total Dick Fucker
by Tom Falls May 24, 2012
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No real meaning... just a nasty sounding name to call someone when you're really pissed off at him. A word to be blurted out in anger, just like son of a bitch, cocksucker or asshole.
"Shut the fuck up, dickfucker!"
"That dickfucker needs a good swift boot in the ass!"
by twtbc April 21, 2010
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