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a.k.a. - pecker splash,water wiener,dick dip, cock splash, etc.
Dick dunk is a term used when you cop a squat to take a shit & your pecker tip dangles down into the toilet water. An absolutely horrible occurance that requires an immediate sink splash.
Oh, I had to take a mega shit & I had no time to drive home so I had to use the gas station lou. It was ripe in there & to make matters worse, I did a little dick dunk when I sat down, so I had to do a sink splash before I even got a chance to shit.
by lift-ticket July 29, 2006
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The act of making a purchase at a Dunkin' Donuts or a Dunkin' Donuts affiliated establishment (i.e. Baskin Robbins) with an erection, especially if said purchase is part of a value meal involving a food item plus beverage.
(Dude walks into a Dunkin Donuts with an erection)

I'll have a number 3 please.

You have a huge hard on.

Gee, I guess I'm Dick dunkin'.

Guess you are! Number 3, right?

Yes ma'am.
by merfdiezel February 23, 2009
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