The hunter of hunters. He will shoot you with a shotgun...hunting some of the smallest birds out there. Good job!
I'm sorry, but I'm in this hospital. Why? Oh, I got dick chaney'd.
by mattblak February 13, 2006
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When it becomes obvious that a vice president should push for more spending in education instead of wars because even after 8 years in office, people cant spell his retard name. dick cheney
"hey john lets skip class and go watch that speech by garge bash and dick chaney"
by seph1ce June 18, 2008
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A dumbass. A loser. A person with bad aim with a gun. Do we need someone this stupid in our government? Come on, he shot a person in the fore head!!!!
George Bush is an asshole, Dick Chaney's what his name implies.
by Sara McKay April 17, 2006
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