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An emotional girl. Most beautiful girl with a great heart and personality. Perfect all the way looks and acts like a queen from head to toes. One of the realist and baddest females on earth Takes to many pictures of herself. Dark haired. Short. Fun. Complex. Cant make a decision. Hits alot.
by Enemdnne May 22, 2018
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Dianella a girl is kind and selfless. She tends to be extremely nice that sometimes is taken for granted. She hates the song “how to save a life” because she thinks it’s bad luck. She is easy to get along with and makes friends easily. Every guy falls for her when she walks in the room because of her natural beauty.
Dianella is so kind, she makes me heart melt. She literally has all the guys in the room staring at her. Oh how I wish I was Dianella.
by The new jess May 19, 2018
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