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The next title in the Diablo series by Blizzard.

It has yet to be released, but when it does millions, of fans will lose their life for a long period of time.
Diablo Player 1: Dude, when is Diablo 3 coming out?
Diablo Player 2: I don't know, but when it does I am totally going to blow off my girl friend and my family for months.
by Pinkzeppelin0912 June 29, 2006
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1: The best fuckin way to spend hours of your day sitting on your ass killing dudes for sweet loot.

2: An addiction that is comparable to crack.

3: The thing that happens when people disappear for weeks and you start to ask their friends what happened to said person.
1: I just found an amulet of "adds +5 to killing dudes faster"

2: Jimmy is in rehab explaining to crack whores why his Epic 2 handed mace that has "+5 to killing dudes" was worth the 30 days he skipped school for.

3: Timmy: What happened to Jimmy?
Jill: He has a case of Diablo 3.
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The next step in the Diablo Series, created by Blizzard North originally. Diablo and Diablo II both we're considered to be milestones in the mmorpg scene. Diablo 3 was announced in Paris at the Blizzard Invitational, along with Starcraft 2, a sequel to the Starcraft series, also by Blizzard.
Diablo 3 is the first of the Diablo series to be released in 3D, Diablo II Expansion set is still largley played even after 10 years.
Diablo Player: Wow Did you hear Blizz announced Diablo 3!
Diablo Player 2: :O?
by All those babies! October 15, 2008
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One of the most anticipated video games of all time, that will now forever go down in history as one of the most disappointing video games of all time. It is said that for $60, you can get the same level of entertainment by lighting the money on fire and watching it burn. Diablo 3's lead designer at the time, Jay Wilson, was mostly blamed for ruining what many believed was once the greatest video game franchise of all time. The game was released for the computer May 2012 by Blizzard entertainment. but it feels like it was developed by Nimblebit and designed to be played with an iPad (just kidding, Nimblebit's games are better than D3). The Skill and Gear system could be managed by a 6 year old, and the game could be beat with a credit card. The most mind boggling concept for many fans to grasp is, why a game like Torchlight 2, which frequently goes on sale for $5, is better than Diablo 3, a $60 video game, in almost every single category? Why Path Of Exile, a free to play game that's still in BETA, has more to offer and promises a more rewarding experience? The difference between games like these and Diablo 3 is, the developers listen to their fans. diablo 3 was announced to be released on consoles. That's where Blizzard made their biggest mistake. They risked failing their 15+ year old fan base, which they did, In an effort to make newer fans. Simpler fans, that are easier to develop for, like console gamers. And that's what you get when you buy Diablo 3. A console game.
Person 1: Should we give diablo 3 another try?
person 2: no.
by vnvxvnv July 28, 2013
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