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(acronym) "Don't give me that shit" First used circa 2004 by John J Raven and friends, including but not limited to Gonelizzfishing.
Pissed because someone decided to enter the meaning into the urbandictionary that was NOT the person who originally used it: "Dgmts, give credit where credit is due!"
Whenever you want to use it: "I'm going to eat." "Dgmts"
by Lizz December 20, 2004
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don't give me that!

variations: don't give us that, don't give her/him that, you don't give me that, don't give me that bullshit
"you didn't text me back"
"oh, i was busy...."
"DGMTTT" ^_____^
by asfwerasdf March 22, 2011
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dude got me trippin’
β€œHe never texted me back after our date, dude got me trippin’ (dgmt).”
by shelnyabrahm July 30, 2019
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