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The first of orgasms in a given stretch of time. Usually comes about after not having sex or masterbating for a little while. It is specifically the "nut" that comes so fast, you're not to thrilled to be finishing early, and neither is she!

The solution, oddly enough as it goes, is getting rid of that sucker!

The aim is to get rid of the devils nut, once you do it's game on. It could be in the shower before your girl comes over, or you go out. Once in the habit of having sex often this hasty nut should dissapear for a while. If he does pop up, just know the second nut will be better than the first for you and your girl.

Perhaps frequent masterbation helps, apparently it is healthy. But hey sex is good too, actually sex is amazing, just watch out for that little bastard of a nut!

Condoms are good too.
James: eyyy jimmy, heard you banged sarah the other night, how was it kid?

Jimmy: mannn, thank god i got that devil's nut out before she came over, i have her in like 8 positions before i busted. Wheweee!!
by Mad chickenwing December 28, 2014
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