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A flexible and general term used to describe the act of figuratively or literally crushing. This implies some form of victory and the true words/meaning it represents can only be understood through the context in which it is delivered.
"Alex, what happened last night with that chick you met?"
"Oh man, I went back to her place and deuced her out."

"Miles, how'd it go when you told her you like her?"
"Yeah, um, not so well. She doesn't exactly feel the same way. pretty much deuced me out."

"Ben, how did kickball go today?"
"Our team fucking sucks. Nobody can catch the ball and the girls don't know what the hell they're doing out there. We got deuced out."

by The Gentlemen At October 23, 2006
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To be entirely void of fecal matter for ready expulsion; to no longer be able to deuce.
Marcus would have settled down on the john again for round number two, but he was all deuced out.
by Dragondave December 24, 2006
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