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An entity or living creature that is so ultimately evil and cataclysmic that even god himself would probably shit his crap and die if he ever came across one.
No living person actually knows what a destructoid is as they are impossible to define exactly, also you and everything around you would be instantly obliterated by the sheer monstrousness of the destructoid before you realized it was there.
Only one thing can terminate a destructoid which is a destructoid-OF DOOM, scientifically thought to be responsible for the big bang, Hiroshima, Kerri woman and all of the major disaster to ever happen in the world
Starsky: "Hey man, what would you do if you saw a destructoid enter the room right now?"

Hutch: "I would probably spontaneously implode into a coroded peice of flaming crap in hell"

Starsky: "I wish i was a destructoid"
by cronedogmillionare November 01, 2009
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A videogame blog that allows you to read hardcore info on games. you can create your own blogs as well.
"Hey I looked on and i saw this game. then i went to my profile and blogged about it myself with the lead editor. cool."
by james brown the second November 25, 2007
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When defending his choice of gaming console the young Wii owner asked, "What? Are you a destructoid?"
by Destructoid August 09, 2008
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