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Pharmaceutical methamphetamine hydrochloride in pill form.
Biggest bang for the buck is to soak it in H20, thus extracting the active element. You get a pale yellowish solution. Tie up, IV, and hang on when the rush hits.

Disclaimer: I don't recommend doing this.
"I just scored some Desoxyn. You got gimmicks? We can get fucked up all night now!"
by Straight Shooter October 03, 2007
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Pharmaceutical grade S-Desoxyephedrine, AKA DextroMethamphetamine, is formulated by Recordati Pharmaceuticals in the form of tiny white round tablets containing 5mg of D-Methamphetamine. In the USA, it's a Schedule CII Prescription only with the other highly addictive drugs. It's FDA approved / indicated for ADHD and Obesity as well as being prescribed for a variety of off-label conditions such as depression in some individuals. It has a very high potential for abuse as it is pure pharmaceutical grade isometrically pure methamphetamine
Addict 1: You got Desoxyn, you hit the holy grail of pharmaceuticals!
Addict 2: I know man, it's so much smoother than crystal.
by assalumalaikum March 10, 2015
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Desoxyn is a brand name Schedule II stimulant. Methamphetamine HCL is the generic form of Desoxyn. It could raise your pulse,blood pressure and cause nervousness.It has a high potential for abuse. Side effects could vary from inappropriate grandiose thoughts, to feelings of euphoria, followed by insomnia to delirium, and could lead to psychosis. Serious side effects such as paranoia could also occur. Desoxyn is prescribed for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and works if used appropriately.
For Example, Those prescribed Desoxyn will take it in the morning as directed by a Doctor.
by Slickiest February 14, 2017
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