One of the best mods for battlefield 1942. Now has more servers than the orginal game!

Sadly above are examples of the idiot that play this mod.
by [SP] Ion March 5, 2004
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A game that modifies the original game Battlefield: 1942. Insanely popular with oneline gamers. Draws fire from h0m0s for being a popular game.
"DC sucks yo" "STFU, N00b!!1" "no, YOU stFu, n00ber!!"
by Psycho Pimp March 13, 2004
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^^ Stfu n00b!

1337 Game, better than BF itself, and still in alpha

Go back to playing CS, feces spraying assmunch!
by Anonymous March 29, 2003
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The action of helicoptering someone on the rear end.

Definition originated in 1903 by a German man who went by the name of Glashas Utochaska, who one day just wanted to try something new.
Anthony was being annoying, so I took him into desert combat.
by Hickey January 4, 2005
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