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someone who is struggling hardcore, awkward, having trouble, no words to really describe the struggle
Meredith Skala is the classic example of a derdle. Did you see Meredith Skala derdeling today?
by somediva May 02, 2011
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Human girl aged 2-7 years, often over confident, verbal and physically clumsy and precocious.
My little sister is such a Derdle, she ran up to my friend and bragged about being able to beat him up, then tripped on her own shoelace.
by JHGC8 June 21, 2017
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A little girl from ages 3 to 7 that doesn't care about what they're doing.
The derdle was being obnoxious.
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by xXxPubeSlayerxXx February 24, 2018
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