Discontinued Honda based on models such as the CRX and Civic with removable top and three versions: S, Si, and VTEC.
by wasser_spiegel February 14, 2005
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A vehicle manufactured imported into the US by Honda during 1993-1997. Sold in foreign markets from 1992-1998 as CRX.

160hp DOHC VTEC engine available on the US Del Sol VTECs from 1994-1997, B16A3 in 1993-1995 (ODB1) & B16A2 (ODB2) in 1996 & 1997. S & Si models had engines of varying potency, later years are generally more powerful.

Received minor redesign in 1996, removing front driving lights (which frequently burned/shorted out), adding faux brake ducts (can be turned into functional ducts).

Has a removable targa top and power rear window, yielding a convertible-like driving experience. Majority of components are shared with the 1992-1995 Civic. As a result the suspension is first rate.

Originally designed to compete with the mid-engined Toyota MR2, engine was moved to the front & top lopped off after sportscar sales tanked in the late 80s/early 90s and Mazda Miata sales took off.

Was plagued by high curb weight due redesigning a hardtop vehicle as a convertible. Structural stiffness suffered as well.

The Honda S2000 is the successor to the Del Sol in Honda's lineup, which benefitted from many of the lessons learned with the Del Sol.

Rarest model years are 1996 & 1997 (1997 especially due to sales being killed mid-year), sales started to tank in 1995 and the redesign didn't save it.
by Monk E. Boy May 6, 2005
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A car originally intended for 16 year old girls but has found a following in the male homosexual community. See "fag wagon".
Look at Jason in his fag wagon del sol.
by M.J.2 June 20, 2006
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Maria del Sol is kinda a unique name for a unique and amazing girl.
Good-looking girl and cute, awesome, thoughtful. If you've a problem she will do everything to help you, even lose a fingernail for protect you of do something stupid.

Consider yourself lucky if you're a friend who she hangout with or even more luckier if you can be Maria del Sol 's boyfriend.

Maria del Sol also knows how to party , make you laugh and be chill.

Be grateful, you won't find anyone like her.
A: So, with who are you going out ?

B: With Maria del Sol and some friends.

A: You're a lucky guy , I envy you dude , she is great.
by Alpherious April 20, 2018
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an ancient Cuban name meaning,"alex of the sun". Usually is a name givin to the contradictive albino new born. Alex del sol's are naturally hyper active as they grow older in age and almost always have a high pitched hissing laugh as similar to that of a chipmunk.
"hey did you just hear that chipmunk giggling?"-cassidy
"no no, that was just an alex del sol"- Cassie
by thesunnotsosunny July 13, 2009
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