3 definitions by jardinhio

The most annoying, most biased and arrogant bastards who claim to love football and Liverpool. They are seen sniffing around Anfield everyday even when a match isnt on. They are mostly Scandinavians who go on about that they are apparently the ''best team in the world'' <<<--- OMG!....Even though they havent won a league for almost 20 years an seem to have a fucking nagging luck for winning everything they participate in on penalties.
''I was walking past the kopites ground Anfield yesterday and was surrounded by atleast 20 foreigners when there wasnt even a fucking game on''
by jardinhio August 10, 2009
A similar mood to depression, you are down; you feel sad about a recent event and lonely.
The complete opposite of swEED.
Joe: Things aren't swEED
Ryan: Deews
Josh: Thats me done then...
by jardinhio August 9, 2009
''Lottie is the girl of my dreams.''
''I got with Lottie the other day but blew it''.
by jardinhio August 10, 2009