To hook up. The use of this phrase is often accompanied by making the motion of a slam dunk with your hands as you say "deepfry" or "deepfried." The phrase originated in the suburbs of North Detroit, specifically Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Beverly Hills, Southfield, Franklin, and West Bloomfield.
Did you see Audrey and Jake in Jake's dorm room when they forgot to close the door? There was a serious deepfry session going on.
by henne4heisman September 22, 2009
extremely stoned and lackadaisical from smoking pot on a hot day.
I can't get of the couch I'm high as shit, it's hot as shit and I'm Deepfried!
by namey names... April 10, 2010
the best and most used way of cooking penis.

take one man and wash his penis and balls thoroughly and then make a batter and dip his penis in it until it is completely covered and then put into a deep fryer and deep fry it for about 3 minuets and then eat it right off hes body while he watches
deepfryed penis
there are girls already doing this and they have eaten hundreds this way already all you have to do is make shore the man is willing to have this done and as long as you are consenting adults there is no legal problems so have fun
by eddie dk December 7, 2009
When you make French toast mix and put your dick in the batter then you stick it in the frying pan. It may sting a bit but at the end you have a nice treat for you and your girlfriend/ boyfriend.
Friend: Yo dude, what'd you eat this morning?
You: well, I gave my girl a French deepfry.
by Linkimusprime December 3, 2019
When a man fucks a woman in the ass causing a gaping asshole. The man then shits into the woman's gaping asshole and proceeds to fuck her ass with his shit still inside. The man then fucks the shit until he ejaculates into it. After that the woman shits all of what was in her ass onto the man's dick thus resembling a deepfried twinkie with some of the creamy filling seeping out.
Me and my girlfriend made a Deepfried Twinkie last night, it was fucking sick!
by Twisty Top June 28, 2009
A person on Discord and YouTube who plays SMM2 and SMC.
Ohh Deepfried, that was a good joke !
by Med Animations June 23, 2021
Deepfried was online the other day, he’s the best tooooootttalllllyyyyy better than B
by Deepfried March 10, 2021