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deep web :the part of the web that google doesen't find,
by toptor September 15, 2015
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noun: The vast, teeming portion of the World Wide Web that contains websites never imagined or viewed by most web users. This includes the dark, labyrinthine sites providing anything and everything considered illicit or taboo by most people.

adj: Having the nature of the deep web.

At the bottom of the deep web is the final boss of the internet.
While you were still playing Club Penguin, I was exploring the farthest reaches of the deep web.

Dude, that snuff site is so DEEP WEB!

My cousin thinks he's deep web just because he has a folder of "troll face" comics.
by Tomatoes Woman July 28, 2011
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Deep web, also known as the dank web, dark web, and shadow web, isn't all that deep. All it is is a series of private servers, and blank pages google forgot to use. It's not hard to get to at all either. All you need is TOR (The Onion Router) or i2p. Theres many different types of software to access it. TOR isn't all the dark either. Theres some pretty funny stuff there and things you can buy range from pretzels to guns and illegal videos and movies. Although people say you might run into redrooms (basically livesteams of murders) it isn't actually common. If you were to run into it, you would have to be constantly searching for it. Besides, there aren't really much on TOR since the max quality would probably be around 240p or 360p very compressed since TOR is so slow. Most of them make you pay loads of money, and download custom browsers to watch (don't download anything off of the deep web unless running linux, or a virtual maching is recomended)
Man, that deep web is edgy!
by ProNoobDefines November 2, 2015
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Web pages and websites NOT indexed by public search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Google and many other lesser known public search engines. Since these web pages are not indexed and most people find their way around the web through public search engines, their URLs are not commonly known.

Usually, their URLs are shared by word of mouth and through private chatroom instead of common search engine searches. In some cases, these websites may require a user to connect to them through a VPN to maintain an individual's anonymity but not always. There isn't anything inherently dark and scary about the deep web as cinema and news sources may imply. Deep Web pages can be as simple as a family photo and video page or as notorious as pages used by individuals for criminal behavior.
Your personal 35mm photography page is so hard to find, it's essentially part of the deep web. You might want to advertise the URL with a Google or Facebook.
by Ted The Teddy February 15, 2017
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A pornography movie starring Peter Parker and Mary Jane, there's a lot more being slung in this then just web
When you said we'd be watching Deep Web, I figured we'd be using a computer
by Metallicajunkie October 12, 2018
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The act of randomly typing in IP address in the hope of finding unindexed websites.
Last night i went deep webbing, I found 2 child porn websites, and an underground hitman assosciation.
by shemer77 June 2, 2011
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Describes low key sites on the web or unknown content on a well known site that is weird in nature and/or extremely hard, if not impossible, to understand why such content even exists.
The term curiosity killed the cat applies well with this term-and let me tell you, the deep web will show that not only was the cat killed, but subject to things I could be sent to jail for if I were to describe them on a site like UD.

My friend ventured into the deep web on an acid trip, and now thinks Chim Chim from Speed Racer is out to rape and kill him.
by GaaraoftheDamned January 22, 2014
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