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Used colloquially and incorrectly today by young people as a sarcastic and dismissive method of dismissing someone else's criticism -- often to have the last word.
Mature person, "I prefer to watch classic horror films because they relied on well developed storylines and good storytelling principles instead of today's CGI horror films"
Teenager, "duly noted."
by Ted The Teddy May 12, 2016

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Web pages and websites NOT indexed by public search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Google and many other lesser known public search engines. Since these web pages are not indexed and most people find their way around the web through public search engines, their URLs are not commonly known.

Usually, their URLs are shared by word of mouth and through private chatroom instead of common search engine searches. In some cases, these websites may require a user to connect to them through a VPN to maintain an individual's anonymity but not always. There isn't anything inherently dark and scary about the deep web as cinema and news sources may imply. Deep Web pages can be as simple as a family photo and video page or as notorious as pages used by individuals for criminal behavior.
Your personal 35mm photography page is so hard to find, it's essentially part of the deep web. You might want to advertise the URL with a Google or Facebook.
by Ted The Teddy February 14, 2017

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