A woman's vagina that has a notable amount of depth to it. Usually more lengthy than 5-6 inches
Julia had a deep vagina because of many years of getting fucked by numerous men. Meaning her vaginal tract was stretched out length wise.
by Ethos236 November 30, 2016
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A woman how is sexually driven and strives to find someone satisfies her need
High standards
Needs a man with that big dick engery
"Did you here Jess broke it off with James"
"Yeah she's got that deep vagina energy, he's not good enough"
by Define2345678 September 26, 2019
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1. something that is said but RARELY blurted out anywhere

2. just a plain burnt out vagina

3. when the hymen off the female is burnt out and leaves extra skin for it to be chopped off for deep fried vagina soup

4. Mario
1. Hardale: Mario, you are such a deep f. vagina

Mario: shut the3 fuck up hardale, you are being so hardale-ish today!

Hardale: is that even a fucking word? ima put that in the urban dictionary when i go to johns house today

Mario: i call first on computer, faggot, i need to look up supermenmodels.com

Hardale:........i have no comment for you, Mario.

Mario: *smiles like a fat faggot*

2. *Girl passes by*

Brian: You smell that, Mario?

Mario:...yeah..somethings burning...

*Girl turns around*

Girl: ITS NOT MY FAULT!!!!!!!!

by Deep Fried Vagina January 20, 2009
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The act of accidentally posting inappropriate comments, memes, gifs or other written atrocities in a group chat.

Example: Did you see Chris accidentally post that Helen Keller Nude in the group chat for the hearing impared? He pulled a "Deep Italian Vagina."
Last night was another "Deep Italian Vagina" situation when that guy accidentally posted a meme of Mexicans being used as lawn furniture on the Hispanic Heritage Website.
by JT supreme May 31, 2017
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Any injury incurred by a male that makes him seem like a pansy and/or wimp.
"Hey, slow down, my ankle hurts." "Oh yeah, I forgot about your deep tissue vagina wound."
by Jeffinitely August 17, 2006
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