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The act of accidentally posting inappropriate comments, memes, gifs or other written atrocities in a group chat.

Example: Did you see Chris accidentally post that Helen Keller Nude in the group chat for the hearing impared? He pulled a "Deep Italian Vagina."
Last night was another "Deep Italian Vagina" situation when that guy accidentally posted a meme of Mexicans being used as lawn furniture on the Hispanic Heritage Website.
by JT supreme May 31, 2017

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A drink preferred by those of elderly or gay lifestyles. Sometimes both. It’s bubbly, tastes like dirt and and the Portuguese translation means “top of boy.” A favorite of individuals who have first names that rhyme with “Bon” Always enjoyed “pinky’s out.”
I don’t see how you drink Topo Chico . It tastes like dirt and it looks like homo water. Your guard sucks.
by JT supreme April 30, 2018

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