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nasty ass black girl that has dinglies. (see dinkly)
UUHHHHHHH look at that decorte! i would hit it with a baseball bat!!
by SARAH&KELSEY November 13, 2004
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an exotic looking woman. people usually mispronounce her name, but when they get it right, the sound of it matches her sexiness. decorte is a loyal friend and takes pride in what she does- but only if she cares about doing it. she is strong, confident, sophisticated and fun. she is also resourceful and well adjusted to adversity. all the harsher elements of her life, however, are hidden behind a sultry stare and a slight grin. ;)
"Damn, Decorte is so hot." -guy one.
"Yea, her eyes are bangin." -guy two.

"Who is that girl? Never seen her before." -girl one.
"Oh that's Decorte. Can't stop staring, huh?" -girl two.
"No, she's just so beautiful." -girl one.
by prettylittledevil September 27, 2011
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