National slap everybody with a scrunchie on they're wrist day
Sorry but it's national slap a person with a scrunchie day on Dec 19
by Sniperwolf_7838 December 17, 2019
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"Listen it's Dec 19, Ya'll know what's going down"
"Who doesn't know about it?"
by Adog woofler December 17, 2019
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december 19 is when the coolest hottest baddie asian was born. she's so cool and funny and DEFINITELY TALL ASF.
omg when was kate born?

dec 19
by beesechurger6969696969 February 28, 2021
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dec. 19 is when the nicest and the most prettiest baddest Mexican girl was born
Person 1. omg dec 19. thats when she was born
person 2. shes so hot
by Sanchez1234 June 3, 2020
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Boy 1: "you should go complement your crush!"
Boy 2 : "why?"

Boy 1: " it's Dec 19, national complement your crush day!"
by Twisted Kiwi December 12, 2021
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