the actual physical act a wife should due when husband is caught being a man whore
Did you hear what happen to Mr. Spade?

No, due tell.

Ms. Spade called bullshit on him, caught him being a man whore and DEBALLED that man right there with her bare hands then shoved his man whore balls down his throat.

Dang, why would he be SO CRUEL.
by DavePrickASpade July 30, 2014
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Refers to a situation that arises in which at the end some amount of personal manhood was lost by the actions of a woman.
Girl: I'm tired of you never asking for directions when we are lost, making me pay for everything, and now you just stay here and hold my purse while I go get something from your car.

Onlooker: Dam dude you got deballed.
by Shotzter September 02, 2008
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Castrate, Degrade, Humiliate, make a dick out of a guy. Must apply to a male being an asshole for some reason.
After learning that his girlfriends ex abused her, at the following weeks local rock concert serving as an opening act, lead vocalist Tony deballed her ex verbally in front of 10,000 fucking people spewing hatred into the audience venting his frustration and anger towards him.
by Bobby Balling October 16, 2009
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