DDOSAMA is the finest man anyone has ever seen he is so fine that whenever you look at him you fold and nobody will ever be as fine as ddosama
Roach #1: DDOSAMA is not fine at all

Roach #2: BItch what is you talkin bout hoe
by SLUT444DDOSAMA September 10, 2022
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ddosama is the finest nigga you’ll ever see
roach #1 : ddosama is not fine

ddosamas wife: bitch u wanna fight ?
by ddosamas wife October 15, 2022
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ddosama is the most sexy person in the world he belongs to me tho . ddosama is a sugerhill rapper and he has the most gorgeous hair in the world
rat 1 ddosama is so fine
jae.1 shoots rat 30 time in chest hes mine
by ddosamaisbae September 22, 2022
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Ddosama is a fine man
From sugar hill New York who raps and he belongs to mikekeria
Fanned out girl:ddosama is my man
Me:girl don’t be delusional we alr married .
by Simp444david October 23, 2022
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DDOsama aka David Reyes is a fine man from SUGARHILL New York who hangs with a group of inspirational. And he goes with keria aka mikekeria
Random fanned out girl:Ddosama is so fine

Me:don’t call my man fine thx ..
by Simp444david October 23, 2022
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ddosama is better than your fav! also hes fine asf
hes also my husband.
ugly hoe 1: ddosama is mid...
uglier hoe 2: yea and hes not even that fine

me:i'll kill both of yall tbh
by D34DPRESIDENTS November 20, 2022
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Ddosama is a upcoming rapper in nyc.
Sb momma : Ddosama is a good rapper .
Sb daughter : fr
by Yodiddybtc😂 December 22, 2022
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