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a freak that thinks hes so cool and everybody hails him but really hes just another wallball freak thats so lame:(
Hey that kids a dawsen
by Bobbygoo November 27, 2007
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Dawsen is the retarded way how to spell Dawson
Gay Bob: Hey did you know that Jess named her son Dawsen?
Shit Pants: Yeah, what about it?
Gay Bob: Well she named Dawsen with a "A" not an "O".
Shit Pants: Oh god, so that means Dawsen is retarded. Only if Jess named him with a "O".
by PooDic November 26, 2018
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One of the of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet, she can be very mean. But is very caring at times, whenever you need a friend or someone to vent to she is always there if you don't have a Dawsen then your life is NOT complete.
Omg Dawsen is soooo tall
by Lakota Breeden January 29, 2018
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