A Yiddish word used in English by Yiddish speakers or in general speakers of Jewish-influenced English, because there's no precise English equivalent. It is variously translated as unexpectedly, just to spite, despite everything, whaddayaknow, of course, just my luck, in fact, actually... basically it's an adverb which captures the essence of Murphy's Law, "because of course, something HAS to go wrong".

Davka generally precedes the subject (The one day I get to uni early, and davka my class was cancelled!) but it may also come after the subject (The one day I get to uni early, and I davka left my pen at home!)
I only had time to study the first 3 chapters for the exam, and davka the essay was on chapter 4!

For the whole first hour of the movie I was fine, but now the exciting part starts and I davka need to go to the toilet!

I leave my car for just 5 minutes, and davka I get a parking ticket!
by AndreRD June 4, 2013
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Specifically and emphatically, usually with a contrarian connotation. (Yiddish). Roughly equivalent to the exasperated "don't you think", as in "The plumber said he'd come between 12 and 3, so don't you think he came at 4!"
All the best Christmas songs were davka written by Jews.

Rochelle doesn’t make her house kosher for Passover, so she davka shedules her daughter’s bat mitzvah for the day before Passover, so it should be even more difficult for those of us who do.
by Wicked Son April 1, 2010
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A Mongolian guy who is super calm, intelligent, handsome and never gives a fuck to whatever happening in Mongolia. Some girls fall in love with him barely hearing his voice. He plays poker like a god and currently nobody beats him and will never beat him. Davka is so popular nowadays that when he visits random night club, some strippers would call him "Daddy". He is literally superman in life and sometimes the word Davka is used as adjective to describe someone overpowered and invincible.
Person 1: Come on! Even if you're so good at something, you can't be Davka.
Person 2: Yeah I guess so. I wish I was Davka. One day I hope I will if I work hard.
Person 3: Actually, one e time I actually seen Davka
Person 1: Oh my god! Really?
by davka October 22, 2022
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Davka is the name of mongolian alnud. With a 3cm penis. And some of them are love Erdenetsetseg. Her home is way too far from his fuckin home, Sad.
DAVKA NORVOOAHIINDUU, my penis size is davka
by Rektgodorgil November 21, 2021
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