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Someone whose main contact with human society is through the internet.
Every time I look out my window I see that guy in the next building in front of his computer. He' there at all hours. Doesn't he have a job to go to? I think he's just an internet hermit.
by Wicked Son July 09, 2011
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Specifically and emphatically, usually with a contrarian connotation. (Yiddish). Roughly equivalent to the exasperated "don't you think", as in "The plumber said he'd come between 12 and 3, so don't you think he came at 4!"
All the best Christmas songs were davka written by Jews.

Rochelle doesn’t make her house kosher for Passover, so she davka shedules her daughter’s bat mitzvah for the day before Passover, so it should be even more difficult for those of us who do.
by Wicked Son March 31, 2010
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To stall for time by staying in the toilet stall after finishing your business, until other people in the bathroom have left, to avoid the awkward encounter.
Toilet stalling: "I was taking a crap, and then I heard the boss come in, so I toilet-stalled until he left."
by Wicked Son December 16, 2011
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