1 definition by davka

A Mongolian guy who is super calm, intelligent, handsome and never gives a fuck to whatever happening in Mongolia. Some girls fall in love with him barely hearing his voice. He plays poker like a god and currently nobody beats him and will never beat him. Davka is so popular nowadays that when he visits random night club, some strippers would call him "Daddy". He is literally superman in life and sometimes the word Davka is used as adjective to describe someone overpowered and invincible.
Person 1: Come on! Even if you're so good at something, you can't be Davka.
Person 2: Yeah I guess so. I wish I was Davka. One day I hope I will if I work hard.
Person 3: Actually, one e time I actually seen Davka
Person 1: Oh my god! Really?
by davka October 22, 2022