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A gender neutral term to describe your partner before you're engaged or married. Used in place of "boyfriend" or "girlfriend".
"My datemate first asked me out last june, we've been together for almost a year now!"
by whattheheckie February 02, 2014
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A significant other that does not identify as male or female.
Also see: genderfriend
Eh man, this is my date mate Andrew, mind if they tag along with us?
by comander_kiwi July 10, 2015
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Someone you're not in a relationship with but you act like you are. Often times the guy prefers video games and watching netflix over the girl and makes her feel unwanted. Can be a relationship status in itself without the extra baggage of saying girlfriend or boyfriend.
Susy: We really like each other but he hasn't asked me out. He probably never will so I just call him my date mate, and it rhymes!
by Realathlete September 29, 2014
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