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Noun. A supply of cash kept in reserve on a date or other outing, to be used in the event that you need to end the date with haste and have unmet financial obligations.

There can be many circumstances necessitating a speedy exit, such as a medical emergency or a forgotten prior commitment, but the primary use of dash cash is to escape from a blind date in which the other party has misrepresented himself or herself in an unforgivable way.
"I had a date with a girl that I met on OK Cupid. She was witty, funny, and her pictures (full body) showed that she was attractive and had pleasing proportions.

When we met, she was EASILY 100 lbs heavier. I poker faced it for two drinks, and then said "yea, that Halloween party your pictures were from looked pretty awesome."

Her reply? "Oh yea, that was 11th grade!!! What a crazy night!"

I told her that it was unfair to misrepresent one's self like that with pictures that were 7-8 years old, dropped {dash cash} on the bar and split."
by SnarkyNinja September 01, 2012
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