DarkOne is a sacred god like creature who owns all other existent creatures
by darkone July 13, 2003
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the particle through which dark is transmitted.
Dark must, indeed, come in little indivisible chunks, which we call "darkons" by analogy with photons.
by misterhaan December 3, 2003
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A medieval fantasy live-action game. Also known as a a "boffer" game. A bunch of people who go out to beat on other people with sticks.
by KVG August 17, 2003
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"When that tribal belly dancer came out and danced in front of me, I was really glad I was wearing that pvc trench coat, lest she see my darkon."
by Forest Goddess September 14, 2011
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darkonator is a person that supports the coolest and the prettiest human being on the planet, drko dositej
omg who is that? its darkonatori!!!!!!
by fairlilocal March 23, 2021
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