Utterances in a movie theater that appear to emanate from nowhere. You can hear the comments but cannot prove they exist.
You be sitting in a theatre watching a horror movie and a black woman behind you is talking to the screen saying shit like, "Mmmm no, don't go into that attic, bitch." That be dark matter.
by Mr. Chairman January 23, 2008
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The dark skin near/on your genitals, usually starts at the juncture of the leg and crotch area.
Someone with baggy shorts is climbing a ladder above you, you look up and see their dark matter.

Some chick with short shorts is stretching her legs in a split, you see her dark matter.
by Reichull August 19, 2011
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The remnants left behind your balls after a bout of explosive diarrhea.
I have to go home and wash off the dark matter.
by RV Rage October 07, 2017
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1. a type of matter that cant be proven
2. a badass new Syfy TV show from the producers & writers of the Stargate TV shows.
1. dark matter cant be proven
2. Hey man lets watch some Dark Matter.
by Gaterbrowncoat117 November 21, 2015
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