A name meaning God is with me. He/she is wanted by everyone sometimes playful and jovial and also tough.
let's go and darasimi the event
by booked March 08, 2019
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Dara is an awesome girl. She is super sweet and so rad. She is very intelligent and fun to be around. She always makes people laugh and she's got a gorgeous smile. Dara is very pretty on the inside and outside. She has the biggest heart in the world and is always there for her friends. She has a lot of compassion and is nice to everybody she meets. Dara is an all around awesome gal! Just because she is nice doesn't mean she cannot be tough as well. She always stands her ground and makes the best choices. If u have a girl named Darasimi never let go of her.
Guy 1: Hey is that Darasimi
Guy 2: Yes she is soo hot
Guy 3: I know right
by aftyduikjhgw January 08, 2021
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A very ugly,stinky creature which originated from some part of zambiza forest. The creature is said to be one of the most poisonous things, as it’s breath can kill 100 at once
Your smelling did you touch a darasimi
by John egbukichi January 25, 2020
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