To promote the acknowldgement of a word, phrase, or act of awesomeness to the proper host.
Luke: "bro check out Mylifeisbro.com."
Ryan: "funny shit yo"
Ryan: "Hey bromontana check out mylifeisbro.com"
Ryan2: "Ah thats awesome!"
Ryan: Yeah! Daps to Luke for showing me that.
by Brobi wan Kanobi December 06, 2010
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Abbreviation for "digital audio player", a electronic device that supports the playback of stored digital audio
Person 1: There's a scene in Rosario+Vampire II where one of the bad guys listens to the K701's out of a DAP. So you see headphones underdriven in manga/anime.

Person 2: I guess the producers didn't research well enough.
by jan rosenfal October 24, 2010
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Deep Anal Penetration. Stricktly heterosexual and generally refers to nasty sex.
I dapยดd the shit out of that chick last night, whilst my mate played barrucuda with her friend.
by greglegend April 07, 2011
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A form of greeting in which two people slap and grasp hands briefly. Similar to a high five, except dap is given chest high. Less frequently (and also quite corny), dap can be given in the form of pounding fists in a vertical manner.
I saw my old homie at the club, gave him dap and said, 'What's up'
by yeshyeshyall June 25, 2005
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daps: root dap; spitting tobacco also known as dip. only for bros
Me:Yo bro lets go and dap we still have 20 minutes before next class.
Friend:i dont have any bro
Me:ah well im getting daps after school
by guba r October 07, 2010
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A shortened, slang term for dapper (A compliment made to someone who looks incredibly smart, sexy and stylish). Originated in Long Island, NY.
"Damn Jas, Daddy Mo looked so dap today!!!"
by xxnxb May 18, 2016
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